Saturday, August 29, 2009

Uncle Jeffrey

McKenzie has started this thing where she goes all over the house and looks at our pictures that she can reach. She takes the picture off the table or where ever it is and holds it in her little hands and looks at it. After she looks at it a second she hugs it and then kisses the glass on the faces of the people in the picture and then puts it back where it goes. It is so cute! Well, the other day she was in her playroom and kept pointing to her top shelf. I turned on her CD player thinking that was what she wanted. She immediately shock her little head NO. Her curls were just a bouncing! So then I picked her up not knowing what she wanted and she reached for Uncle Jeffrey's picture that sits next to her CD player. She looked at it, hugged him, and kissed him then gave the picture back to me to put back. It was so cute, I almost cried! We talk about Jeffrey all the time with McKenzie and explain that he is gone for a while. We show her his picture often and now she hugs and kisses him! So sweet! We miss you Jeff and love you very much!

Jason is getting ready to leave for Africa on Tuesday. He is so excited! He will be gone for 10 days. McKenzie and I are going to have some major girl time! Cookie is coming to visit while Jason is gone! We are going to have a blast but miss Daddy very much!


Blake W said...

I think McKenzie has a very happy uncle in Africa right about now. That's awesome!

Tank said...

McKenzie, I do the same things to your pictures all over my house in Kenya. I love you so much!! I feel your kisses over here in Kenya!

Love you!!!