Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday McKenzie

Monday, April 9th, the day after Easter this year, our little McKenzie Grace turned 4! Holy cow, how did that happen so quickly? We are not sure at all. It has been such an amazing and rewarding journey being her Mama. McKenzie continues to learn so much at school and her memory is so amazing, forgetting nothing and I mean nothing! She is still my constant right arm with raising Landon and loves him so much. She takes such great care of him and is always wanting to do more for him. MG is still swimming at Aqua-Tots and loves the water just like I do. That is so exciting to me! She is like a little fish and is doing so well. She already knows her address and phone number too!

McKenzie had an extremely busy birthday on Monday. She went to school. Then she had lunch at Chick-fil-A with her school. Then it was off to swim practice and then one of her friends from school had a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese that she just had to attend. I told her we could eat any where or I would cook anything because it was her birthday and all she wanted was to go to the birthday party at C-E-C! So, we all went to be with her on her birthday. The major sugar crash and exhaustion hit towards the end of the birthday party and Jason ended up carrying her our in an epic meltdown. It was a really fun day though and she got to do all the things that she really wanted to do, recovering from Strep throat and all! We are going to have a Minnie Mouse party on the 21st to celebrate with family and friends. It should be fantastic! She is so excited about it!

Happy Birthday Precious McKenzie Grace!

Opening presents before school!

There is always time to love on Landon!
Taking it all in!

All ready for school!

Birthday Balloons from Landon and LoLo after school! They both had the idea to get MG 4 balloons for turning 4! Now she has 8!
McKenzie's Cookie Cake for her class at school. They celebrated her birthday today! She wanted to take in a cookie cake with butterflies and cheese crackers so that is what she took!

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