Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Well, our Easter did not go as planned at all this year. Saturday, McKenzie came down with a fever of 102 and strep throat...again. So instead of going to The Farm for our annual Egg Hunt Extravaganza we with Tate and Tucker, we had to stay home. It was a very quiet day. We dyed eggs and had an egg hunt. Then for our big meal we went to Cracker Barrel in the evening because I did not have anything to cook for Easter dinner since we were not planning on being home. Oh well, it turned out just fine and the Easter Bunny found us for sure! So another holiday cancelled by strep throat. However, this time the doctor said that it is time to talk about having McKenzie's tonsils taken out. I hope they go through with it because she gets strep all the time. Poor girl just hates going to the doctor because she knows they will swab her throat. It is awful. But, all in all we are on the mend now and the outcome is still the same. He has risen! Happy Easter!

Easter Pictures

Easter Morning and Day

Landon's Basket!
Precious Loves

Such fun!

The Egg Hunt

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