Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Party Slocumb Style

Yesterday, we had the most fabulous day! I took the kids to the Slocumbs house and Brooke had an Easter party. It was fantastic as all her parties are! Look at her decoration. Yes, she made them all! The kids had a pizza lunch, did an Easter craft, colored an Easter picture, had a huge egg hunt, jumped in a bounce house, and even dyed eggs. Only Brooke could do all that! It was such a fun day! We are so lucky to have such great friends!

The kids dyed eggs with kool-aid!
Yes, she made this banner too!
Our sweet boy!
Braden loved the marshmallow bunnies on a stick!
Precious Brock
Craft time
Waiting for the green light to begin the egg hunt.
And, they're off!

Brock for a bunch of eggs!
So did McKenzie!
All the precious little blessings!

MG Showing off her purple dyed egg and demanding Brock be in this picture with her! The future Mr. & Mrs. Slocumb!

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