Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yellow Daisy Festival

We decided Friday morning that we would have a family outing to Stone Mountain Park for the Yellow Daisy Festival. I have never in my life seen such a craft show. We got there at 3 not realizing that it closed at 6. So we had 3 hours and we did not even get through half of it. It is just tent after tent after tent of people and their merchandise. It is set up under all of these trees and you just follow a path through. It was nice because it was in the shade and not so hot. Three hours was enough time for McKenzie though. She did really good and loved riding in the stroller or in her Daddy's arms. We had an excellent family outing! If you get a chance in the future to go, go! (Sorry the pictures begin at the bottom!)
Stone Mountain up close

Stone Mountain

The festival was closing so we had to leave. McKenzie was so tired...she had had enough for one day!

We can across a booth that sold hot chocolate and this was the sign that was posted there! We bought some pumpkin spice is so good!

There were so many different tents. We were there for 3 hours and did not even see half of it. It was an amazing craft show!

"Tuckered Out" as Papa T would say!

Chewing on Daddy's thumb!

Chewing away in the stroller

Buying a Christmas ornament with all 3 of our names on it!

We made it!

Walking to the festival!

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Amber said...

Saw these pics on Jason's face book and wrote that my little girl was tuckered out, so funny that you titled it the same :)