Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McKenzie McKenzie McKenzie

McKenzie has outgrown her little baby tub. She is just way too long for it. However, I am afraid to just put her in the big tub because she can't sit up by herself yet. I have been in search of a seat for the tub. I had one when I was little, it was yellow and had suction cups on the bottom. Do you remember those? Well I have been looking for one and I can't find one anywhere. However, today when I was out shopping I found something way better than a tub seat...I found a rubber ducky!! It is a big rubber ducky tub that you blow up and set it inside the big tub! McKenzie loved it! She kicked her little legs and splashed her little arms! The beak of the duck even quacks! I love it! It is so cute and so much fun!

McKenzie has now tried applesauce. She made the yuckiest face when she first tried it. Her faces just make us laugh so hard! She doesn't like her fruits near as much as she does her vegetables. I would think the opposite because the fruits are so much sweeter. (I try all the baby food with her!) So, green beans are still her very favorite! Another thing that she has learned is when food drops on her highchair tray, she can smear it. What a mess she now makes with her dinner.

McKenzie is also practicing some signs for sign language communication. She laughs and thinks they are all so funny when I show her a sign! Then I make her do the sign. One day she will just sign to me first and I will be so excited and proud!

Yesterday, Jason got off of work early and we took my car to the shop to have the oil changed. While we waited for my car we went and had lunch. During lunch I put McKenzie in the booth next to me to change her diaper. While she was laying there she realized that if she turned her head into the booth it would squish her nose flat. When she first did this, she had a surprised/scared look on her face. As if to say..."My nose just went flat!" So, then it became a game to her. She would turn her head and squish her nose and then turn her head and face the ceiling. Each time she turned her head into the booth she laugh so hard. Well, Jason and I were about to die laughing. We were laughing so hard and so loud, it was out of control! So, McKenzie has now learned that her nose can bend and move!

One more thing that little Miss McKenzie has discovered is that she has a voice! She has started to squeal this high pitched squeal like a little pig. She will squeal and then laugh at herself. When she first did it she was afraid. She had no idea she could make a noise like that. It is amazing how everyday something new happens or she learns that she can do something else.

Have a super night and enjoy the pictures!

What a messy little girl!

McKenzie can smear her food!

The Rubber Ducky Tub

McKenzie loves her new tub!

McKenzie in her Rubber Ducky Tub!


Tank said...

I want a rubber duck tub! She looks likes she is having a blast. See y'all in less than a week!

The Slocumb Family said...

She is growing so fast...enjoy every minute! My sister has that little tub for Olivia and she loves it too. I hope that you have a great weekend...we miss you!

Amber said...

Cousin Tate will have to try out the tub next time he visits with Kenzie G! She really quacks him up! - Oh yes I did.