Tuesday, September 9, 2008

5 Months Today

Peas...what are peas?

I'm not sure about these peas.

Open wide!
I think I like peas.

I love my peas!

Today Miss McKenzie Grace turned 5 months old. We can't believe it! However, we had a rough night last night. McKenzie was up several times in the night and each time she was a little more congested. When she woke up this morning it was clear she did not feel well. We got her into the doctor this morning and found out she has her first cold. (We also found out that she now weighs an even 16 pounds!!) She is so pitiful. Her little eyes are all red and swollen and she has a runny nose and lots of congestion. She did not nap well today because she is just not feeling well and cannot get comfortable. She does not have a fever, so that is good. We are hoping it will pass quickly!
On a happy note...McKenzie did try some baby food today! She experienced peas for the first time and she liked them very much. I think she was glad to have a different flavor. She ate them right up! I was so proud of her!
Tonight when we returned from our walk I was holding her in my arms and drinking a glass of water. She pulled the glass to her mouth and I tipped it up a little and she drank a sip of water. It was so funny!

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Jeff said...

Yeah for peas! That's great. McKenzie, you are more and more beautiful each day. Can't wait to see y'all in less than three weeks.