Tuesday, May 28, 2013

McKenzie's ELC Graduation

Thursday, May 16th McKenzie graduated from the Early Learning Center where she has attended the last 4 years. It was so bittersweet. She has grown up so fast and it is so sad to see her graduate from preschool but at the same time kindergarten is so exciting! He class did a wonderful job singing with the other classes. After it was over with we all went back to her classroom and all the kids received a diploma and got a certificate with a superlative on it. McKenzie received the most artistic award. That girl could do art all day long, every day and not run out of things to draw or create. Her creativity is simply amazing. Nana and Papa Norton were able to come to the ceremony. Papa T was on the road and Grandma was in Norway visiting Jeffrey.

We had a pizza party for dinner at our house to celebrate McKenzie's Graduation followed by a cookie cake. That is exactly what she wanted! It was a very fun night. I know I have said this before but I truly can't believe that she is going to kindergarten in the fall and is all done the ELC.

McKenzie was in the whale class so that is why she has a whale cake!
Mommy and McKenzie before graduation
In the hallway they have an art show set up.  Each student has two pieces of art in the art show.  The teachers choose the pieces and the parents don't see them until the art show.  This was her first piece titled "Melissa"...simply hysterical!
This was her second piece titled "Landon"...So precious!
Singing her little heart out

McKenzie and her friend Grace
McKenzie receiving her awards!

After graduation...we left Landon home with a sitter.
MG, Daddy, and Papa Norton
Nana and MG

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