Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday afternoon Jason and I took McKenzie and Landon to the local pumpkin patch. We have a tradition of going to a huge pumpkin patch every year in North GA with Tate and Tucker. However, this year we are so busy with showers and weddings that every weekend is taken. So, we had to go locally this year. And, we had a great time! Of course it was not the same as in the past with those two sweet boys but we still had fun. The pumpkin patch is set up at a local church and they have all sizes of pumpkins. They also have several different photo opts set up with fall/Halloween themes. It is very close to our house and it was just a perfect ending to yesterday. Landon still can't stand on his own but some of the bigger pumpkins held him up very well and he loved the pumpkin patch. We came home happy with two large pumpkins to carve!

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