Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby Wooly's Shower

Sunday, was Amber's baby shower for little "Wooly" Lamb! Yes, they are calling the baby "Wooly"! I love it and think that is so cute! We had a really nice lunch for the shower followed by lots of diapers and disposable items! All things very exciting for the Mommy-to-be! Amber looks great and is doing well. She is due April 5th, so anytime after this weekend, (Tate's 3rd birthday) she says she is ready to go! No one knows the gender or the name of the little one or the names either way. All we know is that it is going to have the same initials boy or girl as Tate, TML. So I have been wracking my brain to guess this name for a little girl, because I am sure this time they are having a girl! I am praying this one comes early because I can't wait on knowing the name much longer! I will be sure to blog about it as soon as it happens! Stay tuned!


CD Party favors for everyone...with little Wooly's ultrasound picture on the front! Thanks Katie for all your hard work making these!

The diaper wreath as the door decorations

These ladies are all Amber's 3rd grade team at school and she has them just a working...

Fold that tissue paper ladies!

Look at how cute...a lamb nightlight!

Opening up Bom and Aunt Kim's stuff!

Check out this bag from her teacher friends!

The guests...

The family of 3...not for long!
All the grandmas and Tate!

Nana and Amber

Me, Amber, and Amy- Amber's sister

Grandma, Amber, and Amy


Sweet- Mother and daughter

Amber and her Daddy

The clothesline!


Decorate a diaper cloth!


Party Favors


Amber said...

Wonderful time, glad you took pics! I need to get them from you sometime. I might blog - - one day, HA!

Laura said...

Okay. Now I'm obsessed with TML and trying to figure it out! Great shower pics!