Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Very Special Company

Yesterday, we had some very special company! We had visitors from Norway at our house for lunch. Jason's grandma is from Norway and her cousin, Marit and her husband, Torger came to the States to visit. Jeffrey spent lots of time with them when he lived in Norway so it was really great for us to have a chance to meet them. They had to fly home yesterday but they were able to stop by our house so for a bit. They were the nicest couple and I truly wish that I could have spent way more time with them. They were so interesting and so very kind and lovable.

Torger and Marit

Lovin' on Landon

Uncle Jared came on Saturday to meet Landon!

Uncle Jeffrey came back to see these babies again! He is so great with our kids!


Grandma and MG

3 Generations...Keith, Jason, and Landon