Friday, August 3, 2012

New York

July 24th-29th we spent in New York! I flew with McKenzie and Landon and Mom flew with us to help out! We had a great time! We got to visit with Bom and Boppa and they really enjoyed the kids. We also took a day and went to the lake to visit the cousins! That was so much fun! I have not seen them in a few years and we have never met the newest cousin, little Emerson! The kids all played together so well. McKenzie had so much fun with Hanna and Rudy and Landon and Emerson together was absolutely priceless! I only wish we lived closer so that our kids could grown up together like we did.
Landon and Boppa
Sweet boy fell sound asleep on his blanket!
McKenzie and Landon often hold hands in the back seat!
Charlaps ice cream is the very best!

We got to meet Lola the indoor pig!
Lola even sits just like a dog!
Boppa~ this is who Landon was named after.
MG and Bom eating ice cream!
The morning that we left Landon was sound asleep with Boppa it was so sweet.
MG and LaLa flying!

Rudy, Hanna, and McKenzie
Mom and Aunt Diane
The sweet girls!
Rudy!  Love him!
Emerson and Landon
Emerson is 5 months and Landon is 10

Look at those gorgeous eyes!
Cousins- Laura, Alison, Megan, and Lindsay

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