Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Beach Trip August 2012

August 17-25, 2012 we spent in Pananma City Beach, FL! It was Landon's first beach experience and he absolutely loved it! By the end of the trip we were calling him loggerhead turtle because we would set him down in the sand and he would just scoot straight to the water! It was hilarious! We had a great, relaxing family vacation! We went to Pier Park two times and McKenzie got to ride the rides. We also went to the Homemade Ice Cream Shoppe several times! It is the world's greatest ice cream!
Ready to go snokel!

Landon was so tired he fell asleep on his feet!
Hide-n-Seek in the curtains!
It rained the first 3 days there so McKenzie got to go to her first movie!  Madagascar 3!

Landon's first Waffle House experience!

McKenzie's favorite place when she wasn't in the ocean...she had to overlook it!

Ice Cream!

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