Monday, September 2, 2013

Meet Matthew Davis, Our Precious Caboose

Our precious little caboose, Matthew Davis was born on Thursday, August 22. He weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long.  I was right, he was a boy!  Jason thought girl!  He was our #3 best surprise!  I loved not finding out what our babies were!  Best surprises of our lives!!  I had a great delivery with him and everything went smoothly. We came home from the hospital Friday afternoon and have been doing great ever since. Matthew sleeps great and eats great! Everyone is adjusting well. Landon is having the hardest time being that he is such a Mama's boy and still so young. Mom has been here the last two weekends helping out so that has been a huge help. We are doing great and I will update again soon when I have time!

Big Sister and Big Brother coming in the room for the first time to meet their little brother!
McKenzie really wanted a girl.  This is when I told her it was a boy.  I let her hold him and then I told her!
Meeting Nana for the first time

Aunt Katie came to visit and brought a delicious dinner to the hospital


Granny and Grandaddy

Aunt Maggie and Uncle Steve
Papa T
LoLo and Adam 
Aunt Linsey
Landon, McKenzie, Karlee, and Matthew
Papa Norton
Big Sister feeding Matthew
Uncle Jared
Our first picture as a family of 5!!

Dr. Landon here for your check up!

Sweet Kisses

Tate, McKenzie, Tucker, Landon, and Matthew
Auntie Amber
Oldest Grandson holding the youngest grandson
Beautiful big sister

In the swing for the first time

Matthew covered his ears just like Duke used too!

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Tank said...

Wonderful pictures. I can't wait to meet Matthew at Christmas!