Thursday, October 3, 2013

Well Check Ups

I am really behind on my blog these days.  That is because I would much rather rock my sweet baby then type!  We are growing, growing, growing around here!  Landon had his 24 month check up and he is a healthy, mischievous little thing!  He is into everything and climbs on anything that is still long enough to let him.  Here are Landon's stats:

                        Landon                    McKenzie
Weight:           26 lbs (28%)            27lbs  (50%)
Height:            36 inches (86%)       36 inches (95%)
Head:               46 1/2 cm (6%)        48 cm (50%)

Matthew is growing like a little weed.  In fact he is 6 weeks old today!  I can't even believe it!  He is sleeping 6 hours at a time now at night between feedings.  He is so sweet and is learning to be so tough with a big brother around!  Here are the results from his 1 month check up...

                          McKenzie                          Landon                           Matthew
Weight:              10 lbs 4.5 oz                      10 lbs 8.9 oz                   10 lbs 13.8 oz
Height:               23 inches                            22 1/4 inches                  22 inches
Head:                  39 cm                                 38 cm                               39 cm

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