Friday, November 8, 2013

Matthew's 2 Month Check Up

Last Friday, November 1st, Matthew had his 2 month check up.  I could not wait for him to go so I knew what he weighed!  He is my biggest child!  Matthew is so sweet!  He is cooing now.  He loves to swing in his swing and play on his mat.  He is in 6 month clothes and growing like a little weed!  The sweetest little smile comes across his face and it just melts my heart.  He is the perfect caboose!  On Wednesday, I put him in the Bumbo seat for the first time and he loved it.  He holds up his little head so well.  He just looks and looks all around now that he can sit upright.  He is not the pacifier kid that McKenzie and Landon were.  I'm hoping that he remains like that.  I hate trying to break that habit.  Here are Matthew's latest stats!

Weight:  14 lbs 1 oz                   
Height:   24 1/2 inches                 
Head:      41 cm                            
13lbs 4 oz      
 24 inches                                      
39 cm
12 lbs 14.8 oz
24 1/2 inches 
41 cm            

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