Wednesday, February 19, 2014


We have had two round of snow so far this winter.  The first one was in January and the second one was last week.  McKenzie was out of school Jan. 28-31 and again Feb. 11-13 for the snow.  It was a total mess here in Georgia.  Poor Georgia just doesn't have a clue how to prepare for such storms.  We were very lucky that we were all 5 home together when both storms happened.  We only lost power with the second storm for about 45 minutes.  So many people were without power for days.  It was crazy!  We had a fabulous time playing in it though.  It was Landon's first big snow to play in and Matthew's first snow to see!  McKenzie and Landon both loved drinking hot chocolate after playing outside.  Landon called it his "coffee!"  So funny!

The First Snow storm...The snow was about 2.5 inches but very fluffy and not good for building a snowman.

 McKenzie's snow angel
 McKenzie's snowman

The second snow started as an ice storm and the snow was very thick and good for packing!
 Matthew was keeping warm while the power was out!

 The trees were so beautiful all covered in ice.

 Two big snowmen with the second snow!

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