Friday, August 15, 2008

The Rock Star Jumps

Well, the Rock Star has returned! Little Miss McKenzie was up this morning at 3 am and again at 6 am. She ate a big bottle both times! The little girl is growing like a little weed! Today we had lunch with our friends Brooke and Brock. Miss social butterfly slept through the entire lunch! While we were out today we got McKenzie a new jumper toy. It is really fun! It has lots of things that hang off of it that she can pull on and chew. I think the part that she likes best is that she can stand in it without being held up. She really seemed to like it! She was moving the little beads around and pushing the little piano keys! The doctor said that these kinds of toys really help kids with head control also, instead of just tummy time. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We will be jumping!

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The Slocumb Family said...

It looks like McKenzie is having a great time in her jumper!!!! This will hopefully give you a little time to get some things done. We enjoyed lunch on Friday and will have to do it again soon.