Thursday, August 21, 2008

Terror at 3 am

Hey! We hope everyone is having an excellent week. It is going by so quickly! I wanted to tell everyone what happened to us in the middle of the night last night. McKenzie has a monitor under her mattress that monitors her heart beat and if there is no movement for 20 seconds the alarm in our bedroom will sound. Well, it has never gone off before for that reason. It has gone off when we have gotten her out of her crib and forgotten to turn it off. So, it is about 3 am and all of a sudden our monitor starts beeping like crazy! I fly out of bed, Jason right behind me. (It woke him up! That is a big deal!) We almost ran through the door trying to open it so quickly. We ran to her room which is like 3 steps from ours and swing open her door only to find her stuck width wise in her crib. She had gotten herself off of the monitoring pad in her crib and stuck in the top corner. She is just long enough that now when she moves all around in her crib if she gets width wise she can't move. Her little head was pinned on one side and her feet on the other. So, we moved her back into the middle of her crib where the monitor is and the beeping stopped. She never woke up through all of this action! Talk about scary...we got back in bed and it took us like 30 minutes to calm down and go back to sleep. We kept talking about how bad it could have been. But, thank God it was no big deal!


Barber Girls said...

I'm surprised you could sleep at all after that! MGN is so adorable. I love the looks on her face. The girls and I haven't gotten a chance to hold her yet and we really want to get our hands on her. Your blog is so fun to read! Have a great day!

Wendy Barber

Jeff said...

Thank the Lord!! I am so glad that she is fine. I can picture this going down and y'all running through the house! Love y'all.