Friday, March 13, 2009

ER... Here We Come

Hey everyone! I just wanted to update about our first ER visit! Wednesday, McKenzie had felt warm all day but played great, talked and squealed, and ate fine. By Wednesday night she had a fever of 101.5. I gave her some Motrin and checked it 3 hours later and it was 101.9. So I called the nurse hot line at our pediatrician's office and they said that I needed to watch her and check it in a few hours and if it got up to 103 I needed to take her to the ER because of course it is nighttime and no doctors are opened! Around 10:30 McKenzie woke up and was burning up. Her face was red, her ears were red, and her little hands were even red. So I took her temperature again and it was 103.1. I called the nurse line back and told them it was above 103 and she said that we needed to take her to the closest ER. We loaded up and by now it is 11 pm. We drive to our local ER about 20 minutes away. When we got there there were tons of people in front of us. So we waited about 20 minutes with all kinds of people. McKenzie was the youngest one there. Everyone was smiling at her and talking to her! They called our name and we went back to have her vital signs done. The nurse asked us if we cared if we had a hall bed. We said we did not if it got us through faster. Poor McKenzie was so confused. She wanted to just sleep but there was way too much for her to look at and way too much going on around us for her to even rest. Her head was just a turning! So we soon found out that a hall bed was literally a bed in the hall! So we really had a view of everything that was going on. This lady came by and got our insurance card and brought us some paperwork to fill out. A little while later this doctor walks down the hall and is saying where is my little McKenzie? McKenzie where are you? (There were lots of people in hall beds!) So we said she is right here and he came over. He checked her ears, throat, and all was well. Then he said we have to check her for a kidney infection, bladder infection, or UTI. To do all these we need a urine sample so we will have to install a catheter. So they took us to a room and McKenzie never even moved. She did such a good job! So all those tests were well and the diagnosis was just a virus. She had a fever all day yesterday but it is gone today! It was just so weird because she never acted sick, she just had a fever. So, that was our first experience to the ER! What a night! We hope you all have a great weekend!


Tank said...

I saw "ER" and was thinking what is going on that I don't know about! I am so glad that McKenzie is doing better and that her fever passed so quickly. PTL! I hope you guys are having a great weekend. It is actually cold here this morning! I am freezing, it is really strange. I love you guys.

Laura said...

Hi Megan,
I had just read this post about the ER never thinking we'd have the same experience. But last night we also made our first trip to the ER with Hanna (I'll be blogging about it of course!) Glad McKenzie is better!