Monday, July 6, 2009

Turn Around....

...Bright Eyes...Yes! Today, McKenzie's car seat got turned forward facing! She is now tall enough and weighs enough to sit facing forward! It was so funny to watch her look out the window and the windshield facing the right way for the first time. She just had this look of amazement on her face. She also loves that I can just turn my head and see her without using a mirror. It is so easy to hand her things and take her shoes off. She hates to wear her shoes in the car! Now she can see her pacifiers that are in the pocket of the seat in front of her.

Signing please...she sees her pacifiers! So smart...this girl is!

Looking out the windshield for the very first time!

McKenzie got a bubble mower today! She is going to stay with
Tate on Wednesday until Sunday while we go out of town
and Tate has a bubble mower that he loves! So now
they can mow the grass together!

Cuttin' and squealin'

We had a great 4th of July in the mountains with Jason's parents and youngest brother, Jared. Jeffrey was there in spirit and we talked about him several times. We went up to the mountains on Thursday. We celebrated mine and Jason's birthdays Thursday night. Friday we went to visit Jason's grandparents and had lunch with them. Jason's grandpa has a big garden and we took McKenzie to see it. His grandparents also have a huge set of wind chimes. McKenzie found them on the back porch and she could ring them from standing on the ground they are so long. She thought that was great! They make the most beautiful sound. Saturday, the 4th we went White Water Rafting! It was really fun. The water was very cold! McKenzie stayed home and played with grandma. She is way too little for rafting! McKenzie took a good nap on Saturday and was all rested up for the fireworks. I really wanted to take her because I thought she would love them...and she did! The very first firework was loud and she jumped at the sound but when she saw the result in the sky she immediately started clapping and yelling! She absolutely loved them! We came home on Sunday morning. Sunday evening we went to the Slocumb house for dinner to celebrate Jason's birthday. They were at the beach when we all went out to celebrate. Jason loved extending his birthday even longer!

McKenzie with a B-O-W! We spell it when I can slip it into her hair without
her realizing it is there! She always finds it eventually!

Daddy and Kenz

Our birthday cake! Jason's mom always adds our
years together! We are 55 this year!

Grandma and Papa bought McKenzie a pool! She loved it!

Still wearing the B-O-W!!

Picking flowers for great-grandma!

Mommy and Kenz

Precious Great-Grandma and McKenzie

Waiting for it to get dark so that fireworks can begin!

Still waiting for it to get dark! Grandma, Grandpa, McKenzie, Uncle
Jared, Megan, and Amber (Jared's girlfriend) (Jason took the pic!)

Our little 4th of July family!

Here is a new face that McKenzie discovered she could make!

M&M at the fireworks! It got cold and late
so the pjs went on!

Amber, Jared, and Kenzie

Kenzie biting Daddy's head!

Curls, curls, beautiful curls!

Jason and I leave for Philadelphia on Thursday. We are really excited! This is another trip with his company. Lots of people from his office will be there so it will be lots of fun! However, I am even more excited because Cookie lives in Philly now! For those of you who do not know Cookie is my best friend and has been since we were 3 and in nursery school together. I will fill you all in on our trip when we return on Sunday. McKenzie will be spending some time with Cousin Tate, Auntie Amber, and U.B.! She is very excited and can't wait to push bubble mowers with Tate!


Blake W said...

Great update, cracking me up! I love Jason is still celebrating his birthday and the 55 candle! Awesome. And I think Jeff and Jared could pass as twins, they look so much alike! McKenzie looks so tall, my youngest niece is about one month younger than her but I don't think she's that tall. Great photos, enjoyed them!

Amber said...

I didn't even know that a bubble mower comes in pink!!!!!! Oh boy they will have so much fun. I love the adding of the years - never knew she did that, too cute.

Tank said...

One of my favorite posts ever! Kenzie is growing right up. The picture of her pushing the mower looking towards the right is absolutely priceless. What a beautiful face. I love my K. Beautiful! Miss you guys more than ever. Love y'all.

Uncle Tubb