Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Georgia Aquarium

Today we went to the Georgia Aquarium! It was so much fun. McKenzie has been before but this time she LOVED it! She was so into all the fish. She never got bored or wanted to go and was so into every bit of it. The Georgia Aquarium is so nice and kid friendly. It every exhibit there are "bubbles" for the kids to get inside so when they look up it looks like they are inside the tanks. It is really cool and today being a rainy, nasty day, was the perfect day to go. We had a blast with Ceaser, Connor, and John Russell. Thanks for inviting us on your Spring Break adventure!
John Russell and McKenzie

Connor, John Russell, and McKenzie- busy looking at the fish not the camera!


If you look real close at the above picture you will see three scuba divers in the water near the bottom left side. They were actually talking to us and tell us all about that exhibit from under water. It was very cool!

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Tank said...

glad y'all had fun! Miss y'all