Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tate's 3rd Birthday Party

On Saturday we celebrated Tate's 3rd birthday! Which is so hard to believe that we have had this sweet boy in our family for 3 years already! He is such a great kid and his party was nothing short of fantastic! We had a "tailgate" to go along with the football themed party! Brian grilled in the rain and everyone enjoyed hotdogs and hamburgers. The kids played complete the pass where they threw footballs through a hole and pin the ball between the goal posts. However, when Amber did it to demonstrate to the kids how to play she pinned hers on the goal post so they all thought they were supposed to do that too! Hilarious! Tate got a lot of really cool presents and blow out his candle all by himself in one blow! It was a really fun party and everyone had a blast! My only regret from the day is that I did not get my picture taken with the birthday boy. Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Tate!

Check out this jersey...I am thinking the first of many to come!

The kids table!

Grillin' in the rain!

Pin the football "on" the goal post!

Tate's favors for everyone...his very first football card!
(The Back)

The Front!

Blake adding his football to the goal post!

They sure do love each other! Tate called McKenzie "cheerleader" the entire day! It was priceless! At one point he asked her where her pom poms were and she said she did not have any. Without missing a beat he replied, you need to ask Santa for some next year! (I love to listen to their conversations...they are priceless!)

Tate's Loot!

Checkout his table runner...made by Martha (AKA...Amber)

All the kids got to decorate foam fingers...they had a ball doing that!

Uncle Mike got a pic this year! Last year he was the only one who did not get in a single one.

Leanna and Maddie!

Hitch even had a 3 jersey!

Finished foam fingers...minus Blake's.

MG could not get enough of the baby...we had to keep reminding her to be gentle.

I love this one...he is so proud! Look at his beautiful eyes!

He did it!

Look at those sweet fingers...3!

Blake wanted to help all the kids open presents!

Jaimie trying hard to keep up with all the presents getting opened at one time!

That is one cute pillow Tate!

Tate loved his blower from Hudson! Safety first!

Tate's Big Boy Room

This boy can sure play the drums! He is hilarious to watch play!

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Sara Susy Bob said...

Megan, this is fantastic!!! Well done dear! Glsd Amber shared these posts. Hope you are doing well!