Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sam's Sprinkle

Yesterday, was Sam's Sprinkle! It was so much fun! The 4 girls that had the shower for me did such a nice job. It was perfect! Since it was a sprinkle, it was all things sprinkles and polka dots. These girls thought of everything! We had make your own sundaes with any kind of topping you could imagine, including sprinkles, of course! A fruit salad carved like a baby carriage and the most delicious dip to go with it. And last but defiantly not least, vanilla cupcakes with white frosting! Since we did not find out what our little Sam is, every person got to guess what they thought it is going to be by sprinkling either pink or blue sprinkles onto their cupcake! How fun is that? I had to have two cupcakes to make sure that I covered both options. Also, because they were just delicious! I got so many nice gifts. McKenzie was right there for it all and loved every minute of celebrating her new baby! She just can't wait to meet this precious little Sam! The hostesses even put together a bag of things especially for McKenzie of activities to do while I am busy with the baby. They truly thought of everything. I am so blessed to have such amazing friends in my life!

The favors were washcloth cupcakes!


The cupcakes...what do you think? Blue or Pink???

Several people decorated diapers for us to read as we change them! So fun!

I got to feed Tucker! Look at how big this precious Love is!

Ellen picked pink!

Ceaser picked blue!

I don't think that Granny picked!

McKenzie has not seen her LoLo in a long time. She needed to catch up!

Kathy wrote a speech to share.

BFF's! Jen-Due July 3rd with her first...a girl, Katy! Allison, and Me!

The diapers!

Nana in her glory!

My little helper!

A little hand painted lamb onesie!

Katie made McKenzie a book titled Big Sister Extraordinaire! The entire book is about McKenzie and all the things she will be able to teach the baby because she already knows how to do them all. It is priceless!

This is my pink one...I ate the blue one first!

MG coloring her diaper!

The hostesses...Brooke, Katie, Me, Amber, and Ellen...Love them all!

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