Saturday, June 18, 2011


Yesterday, was a very busy day full of surprises! I had planned a surprise birthday party for Jason last night at the Irish Bread Pub. He is only turning 29 but I wanted to catch him off guard and I totally did! That is hard to do. He seems to find out about everything. The look on his face when we walked in was priceless! So that was the big surprise.

However, there were little surprises all day long. McKenzie and I had gone to the Pub early yesterday to drop off the cake and such and while we were there she pulled the fire alarm. Yes, the fire alarm. I could have literally died right there. The fire trucks came and everything. It was awful. However, the owner knew the firemen so they did not fine him. That was surprise # 2!

About 5:00 yesterday afternoon we had a thunderstorm roll through. It took out the power at the Pub. So when we got there at 7 there was still no power. (Surprise #3!) The power company had told the owner of the Pub that it would be back on by 7, however, at 9:30 we had to close down the party because the power was still not back on and we could not see anything inside the Pub. But, none of that mattered. The employees of the Pub were wonderful! Even with no power we had all of our appetizers that I had ordered so everyone could still eat. It was a great party! Lots of our most precious friends were there and that was all that mattered! Happy 29th Birthday Love! Our arrival

Jason looking at me like, what is going on!

I can't believe this!


The cake


Everyone enjoying the food!

Make a wish!

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Tank said...

that was nice! glad y'all had fun!