Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tate and Tucker's Birthday Party

Last Saturday was Tate's 4 and Tucker's 1st Birthday Party! It was fantastic! It was a fire truck birthday party. It started off at the fire station for a tour and then ended up at a park with a pizza lunch and cupcakes. Of course, Tucker got his very own smash cake! He really got into too! He had red velvet cake everywhere! It was so fun but it is hard to believe that Tate is already 4 and Tucker will be one on April 6th. Time sure does fly by.

The fire station tour

Look at the back of Tucker's shirt...dalmatian print! Adorable!

Never far apart
Look at how cute the front of Tucker's shirt is

One of my favorites!
Getting out of the fire truck!
The birthday boy!
The birthday boy too!
The Lamb Fam

Almost walking!
Look at Tate's shirt...Fire Chief Tate!
Brittany and Landon

Fire colored balloons!
Yes, Amber made this...Martha I tell you!
Tucker loved his balloon!
Yummy Pizza!

The back of Tate's shirt...Fighting Fires since 2008!
Our girl loves to swing!
Papa T and Landon

Tucker's shirt again...adorable!
Ready for dessert!
Look at what Martha made...Fire Truck Cupcakes!

Tate with his 4 cupcake!
Landon wanted some cake really bad!
Hilarious! Don't all look so happy!
Tucker's cake!
Not sure at first...
Getting his hands dirty...
Oh yes! This is good!
Delicious! I love this face!

So proud!
Check out his hands!

Now, lets high-five Nana!


Almost walking!
Kenzie and Tuck
Aunt Amber and Tucker
Brittany palying washers!

Look at these crayons that Amber made for th eparty favor. Beyond adorable!
Up close!
Yes, they came in this precious little tin!
And...Landon got a fire truck tub toy instead of crayons!

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