Monday, March 5, 2012

Tyler and Michelle's Wedding

What a wonderful weekend we had! Over the weekend, Jason's cousin Michelle got married in Florida. Jason, McKenzie, and I were all in the wedding! Landon stayed with Nana and did not make the trip. It was a weekend of many firsts for McKenzie. Her first time in a motel room-sharing the room with Jason and me. Well she thought it was a slumber party where you talk all night long! Another first came when it was rehearsal time. She has never been to a wedding let alone be in a wedding. She decided that the first run through she would do great and the next one she would not do it at all. So that was fun because it left me a nervous wreck for how she was going to preform the following day. So Saturday morning McKenzie and I had hair appointments, yes, another first for her. She has had her hair cut but never fixed. So here come the hot rollers and she freaks out! She thought they were burning her. Poor baby was terrified. So the nice lady doing her hair curled it all with a curling iron instead. It turned out beautifully! Then it was into our dresses and off to the church for pictures. McKenzie really did a great job! She took pictures and was a champ. Then it was time for the wedding!

Jason and I got to walk together down the isle and back up the isle. We were the 2nd of 8 couples to go down. I was not sure how McKenzie would do after we walked down but Michelle and her maid of honor were fabulous. They just kept her right there and she did fine. Then it was McKenzie's turn to walk down the isle...and she was spreading polka dots not flower petals. (It was a polka dot themed wedding!) She starts down the isle and is spreading her polka dots one at a time! She ended up walking down the isle backwards so that she could see that her dots were all spread correctly. A few times she threw them down and it fell off the runner and she stopped and picked it up and put it back on the runner. Everyone was laughing and Jason and I just cried with pride. She did excellent. Then she walked right up to her spot on the stage and stood there. A few times she leaned over in her 3 year old "whisper" and said to me (I was 3 people away), "Hey Mom, I am doing really good!" Everyone laughed! It was priceless! The wedding ended up lasting about 45 minutes and she stood there the entire time! I was so proud of her!

When the wedding was over there was a delicious dessert reception. The hall was decorated so beautifully. The colors were black, white, and lime green. It is just gorgeous! When it was time for them to leave they left in an old convertible car. Just before they left Michelle threw her bouquet and it landed on the roof! One of the bridesmaids got a ladder and got that bouquet! It was hilarious! Then Tyler threw the guarder and they were off!

Sunday morning we went to Gainsville with the rest of family and had brunch with Tyler and Michelle before we left for home. It was a fabulous weekend and a beautiful wedding!

MG and Hot Rollers...not a good match!

Telling the lady, no more hot rollers!

All done and gorgeous!

Ready and waiting for the wedding to start.

The Reception Hall

The Cake was even better than it looked! It was fantastic and so beautiful!

Look how sweet...

MG and two little boys in the wedding had their own table!

McKenzie talking with Uncle Carlos- Father of the Bride and he did the wedding!

The beautiful bride- Michelle

Michelle and her Mom- Tanta Nana

Michelle's bow was gorgeous


Keith, Michelle, Kathy, and McKenzie

Michelle hugging her grandfather- Poppy!

Me and the bride

Jason and Michelle- Cousins

Our little family minus sweet Landon

Playing with Uncle Jared

Picking up the dots...again!

The Groom's Cakes- Michelle stayed up all night the night before her wedding and made that cake!

So happy to be eating all those sweets!

Cake Cutting!

The "Get-A-Way" car!

Oh my...the bouquet just landed on the roof!

The guarder throwing...

Kissing Daddy Goodbye

Kissing Mama Goodbye

Jason's words of advice!

Taling with the brother- Jeff!

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