Monday, June 10, 2013

Panama City Beach 2013

We just got back on Saturday from our week at the beach.  We had a great time!  We are so lucky that our children love the beach as much as we do.  McKenzie has no fear of the water and loves to play in the sand.  She is a fish in the pool and loves every minute of the sun she can get.  She is so tan!  Landon loves the sand as well.  He really did not have any fear of the ocean either.  The water was really warm so he loved it.  Last Saturday we got to spend the day with Tanta Nana and Uncle Carlos.  They drove over to hang out with us.  It is always so great to see them.  We had the best time!  It was a fabulous trip but it is always great to get home.  We were all exhausted after our week away!

Tanta Nana and Uncle Carlos with MG and LJ
Uncle Carlos and Landon
Our little family of four!
There is always time to read some books...even at the beach!
McKenzie 2010 Hugging the Captain
(The Captain is just a statue in the condo that we stay in and our kids love it!  I promise these pictures are not staged.  This Captain has gotten so many hugs from our kids!)
 Landon 2013 Hugging the Captain

After Dinner
MG found a jumpy trampoline
Homemade Ice Cream!!!
Landon can now do Pop Face!!
Here is a little flash two favorite pictures from that trip and probably two of my favorite all time pictures of McKenzie!

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Tank said...

Glad ya'll had fun! I can't wait to see y'all soon.