Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Behind...only 2 weeks!

Hey everyone! I hope you are all well. I am so sorry I am 2 weeks behind again. Life on Mossybrook Lane has been nonstop! Let me go back to October 10th and catch you up! Jason's brother Jeffrey left for Africa on the 16th. So, on the 10th, we had a house full of family and friends to spend time with Jeff. Friday night we had Tante Nana and Uncle Carlos, Cousin Michelle and her boyfriend- Tyler, Cousin Michael, and great friends Lauren and Bethany spend the night. Lauren and Bethany were a surprise for Jeff so it was really fun to see his face! In the mean time of having a house full of people and being the host(with I love, Jason says it's my calling!) I also decided to make a special book for Jeff. (I will give the credit to my sister-in-law, it was her awesome one like always!) Anyways, this book that I put together ended up being 327 pages and it weighed 11 pounds! We had to weigh it for packing purposes since the airlines are so strict on weight now! But anyways it was just a book that has a bible verse, song, picture, memory for everyday that Jeff will be gone which is like 700 and something. So, needless to say, it took hours to put together. Many late nights but in the end, it was totally worth it and he loved it, which was all that mattered to me!
Thursday the 16th was the day that Jeffrey left for Tanzania for 2 years as a missionary. It was a bitter sweet goodbye. I know he is going for an amazing reason but saying goodbye was no easy task. However, thank God for technology, we have talked to him and seen him over the computer using skype! It is such an awesome program!
After our house was empty from company it seemed so weird to just be the three of us! We carved 3 pumpkins on Saturday and I hope to have the pictures from that up here soon. They are so cute! Sunday, we had nursery after church for a luncheon that was going on and didn't get home until 2:30.
Yesterday McKenzie and I had a play date with Brooke and Brock. We ate lunch at Moe's and then went to a new little shop in town. It was such a cute place and then to Wal-Mart to lay in supplies as Bom (my grandma) would say! Wal-Mart is so exhausting. I really don't like to go there.
This Friday we are looking very forward to a very special visit from Cookie! She now lives in Philly. Cookie is my best friend since nursery school back in Eden, NY! She has never met McKenzie so I am very excited! We always have such a great time and there is never enough time to tell all the stories that we have to share with each other! Old friends are such treasures!
So, that is what has been going on in our lives in the last two weeks! I promise to try and keep a better blog. It is just amazing how fast time passes and how the days go by. Enjoy the pictures below from the week that Jeffrey spent with us! We are so proud of him!
McKenzie and Uncle Jeffrey

Uncle Jeffrey and McKenzie
McKenzie still loves her bath in her rubber ducky tub!

The Christmas Tree we set up for Christmas with Jeff!

McKenzie and Me

Christmas with Jeff before he left!

Bethany and Jeff
Lauren and McKenzie

McKenzie in the car after church.
McKenzie in her cute little sweater!


Me-Shell said...

I'm jealous of you for 2 reasons: 1. You ate Moes! and 2. your servant attitude!

You guys are such a cute family! I really want to meet your daughter!

Amber said...

I love you all - McKenzie is sooooooo cute in these pics. I miss her after our fun visit with you two and Papa T. Jason is SO right - you are truely the hostess with the mostess!