Thursday, October 2, 2008

VA and Back

Hey! I hope this finds you all well! What a week! On Monday McKenzie and I left for Madison. I had to drop her off there because Tuesday Jason and I flew to Richmond, VA. Jason's brother, Jeff was commissioned yesterday in VA for his mission trip to Tanzania. We have never been to a commissioning service before. It was so awesome! There were so many missionaries commissioned. It was truly a humbling service. We are so proud of Jeff and know that he will do excellent things in Tanzania. He will be gone for 2 years. He leaves on the 16th of October, 2 weeks from today. I ask that you pray for him as he has begun to say his goodbyes. Goodbye is never easy, but especially for 2 years. So, after the service yesterday there was a reception and then back to the hotel for us, a quick change of clothes and off to the airport to catch our 7:35 flight home. I went back to Madison last night to spend the night and bring McKenzie home today and Jason had to come home last night because Baxter had to be picked up from the kennel this morning! (We love our son too!) It has been a busy week for us!

This Saturday we are looking very forward to Burt's Pumpkin Patch with Cousin Tate, Uncle B and Auntie Amber! Then Saturday night Papa T. Uncle Steve, Uncle B, Auntie Amber and Cousin Tate will be spending the night with us because the boys are off to the race on Sunday at Talladega! Yee Haw!

We hope you have an excellent rest of the week and a wonderful weekend!

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Tank said...

Thank you again for coming. You being there meant so much to me. I will see you on Saturday. Tell Kenzie to get ready! Love y'all.