Monday, December 8, 2008

A Fun Weekend and a New Trick

Hey everyone! We hope all is well with you! We had a very fun weekend! We spent Friday night in Heflin, AL with Jason's cousins and great grandmother. That would be McKenzie's Great, Great cool is that! We had a super fun dinner of junky, snack foods and then exchanged presents! We had a great time!

Saturday morning I took McKenzie to a local church where our friend Katie Henry is in charge of the children's department. Katie organized a Whoville for all the children. She did an amazing job! It was really like walking into a Dr. Suess book. There was everything there to do. You could get your hair done Whoville style, listen to Mrs. Claus read Christmas stories, take pictures with Santa, make nativity scenes, and tons of more activities. It was so fun! Way to go Katie, you're the best!

Saturday afternoon we took McKenzie to Stone Mountain for A Stone Mountain Christmas. Our friends Brad, Brooke, and Brock went with us. We had a really good time! We saw The Polar Express in 4-D!! It was really cool! Poor Jason had to stand outside with the screaming McKenzie while the rest of us enjoyed snow falling on our heads, mist spraying in our faces, and our seats moving! We rode the train around the mountain and they played Christmas carols as we rode. We ate yummy funnel cakes, kettle corn, and drank hot chocolate. It was beginning to get dark so we claimed a front row seat for the Christmas parade. After that we headed to the car because it was so cold outside.

Sunday we went to church and hung out around the house the rest of the day!

As of today McKenzie has a new trick...she now claps all by herself! It is so cute! She claps a little bit and then laughs at herself and the funny noise that she can now make. It is just amazing how fast she is growing.

The white house at Stone Mountain
There were so many lights! It was beautiful!

Santa's float from behind

Santa saying "I love you!"

Here comes Mr. and Mrs. Claus

The train in the parade


More lights!

Still more lights!!

All different colors of lights

Brock, Brad, and Brooke

Daddy and McKenzie looking out the train window.

Riding the train

Eating on the train!

The pretty tree going into the 4-D Polar Express!

Decorating sugar cookies!

Jason-the snow angel!

The gingerbread house!

Jason on the Jazzy!

Stone Mountain

McKenzie all wrapped was so cold out!

McKenzie and her great, great grandmother...very cool!


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited you came on Saturday! Next year McKenzie needs Who-Hair from a Whotician! I can't wait to hear her clap!

Tank said...

This post is great. You trip to Stone Mountain sounds like a blast. The pictures are great! I am missing y'all really bad tonight. I have been thinking about my little girl a whole lot. God is faithful though, and I am hanging in there. Love y'all so much and mean it! -Uncle Tubb