Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What a Christmas

What a first Christmas we had with McKenzie! It was three straight days for presents and tissue paper and bow eating! We started at our house on the morning of the 23rd. When we finished opening our presents we packed up the car and headed to Nana and Papa T's house. The 23rd was a Tuesday and that made day 5 of McKenzie and the stomach virus. The poor little girl had diarrhea so badly by the 23rd that she had welts on her bottom and we had to put prescription burn cream on them. Christmas Eve day came and McKenzie was no better. I called the doctor back again and this time they told me to take her off of all formula and just give her Pedialyte, Gatorade, and water for 24 hours (I had to switch her from milk based formula to soy also). Brian, Amber, and Tate arrived at the Farm that afternoon with Tate bringing a Christmas fever with him of 101 +. Amber had taken him to the doctor that morning and he had a virus also. Tate and McKenzie opened their presents on opposite sides of the room. It was so sad at one point they just reached for each other and wanted to play with each other so badly. We just could not let them.
Christmas morning we got up and had breakfast. McKenzie still had awful diarrhea and Tate still had an awful fever. We loaded up our car to head North to Young Harris and Brian and Amber loaded up their car to head South to Warner Robins. We had to stop 3 times on the way to change McKenzie. It was the longest ride ever. When we arrived at Grandma and Papa Norton's house we opened presents. Jeffrey had bought and wrapped our presents before he left for Africa so that was really neat. We got to open up presents from him. He thinks of everything! Christmas night McKenzie was still no better. She was up several times sick in the night and by the 26th I was at my wits end. So, off we went to the ER to look for an answer to having diarrhea for 7 straight days. The doctors there were no help and told us that it could last up to two weeks and printed us off a paper about keeping your baby hydrated while having diarrhea. The only good thing about this was that McKenzie continued to drink. She drank and drank and drank. It was such a blessing because she never got dehydrated. We left to come home on the 27th and by now McKenzie is just absolutely exhausted. You can imagine. We packed up the car again and headed for home. She seemed to feel a little better and her diarrhea was not as often. The ride home 3 hours was not that bad. By Monday, day 9 her diarrhea was gone and she was back to squealing her little squeals! She seems to be all better now. She is still getting up several times a night to eat. I am guessing that she needs to make up for lost time. However, getting up several times a night again is very exhausting! All in all we had a great Christmas and we all received many very nice presents.
McKenzie learned how to do several things over Christmas while having the stomach virus. She can now pull herself up all alone. She can crawl/climb the stairs. Today she even stood all by herself! She is growing up so quickly. I just can't believe that 9 months is around the corner.
I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas and will have a great New Year!!
Baby's First Christmas

Our Family

McKenzie on her new ride from Papa Norton

What a very special little present!

The ball popper from Uncle Jared!

Daddy and McKenzie with Minnie Mouse

Grandma with a mouse pad of McKenzie from Jeffrey!

Minnie Mouse!!

McKenzie loves tissue paper!

Look at all the present!

Nana giving McKenzie another bottle of Pedialyte.

Tate in his new rocker with his Christmas fever

McKenzie in the car

McKenzie loves her new rocker and is clapping about it!

McKenzie and Tate trying our their new rockers from Nana and Papa T

Santa Came!

Opening presents with Mommy

McKenzie opening her stocking from Santa with Daddy!

Playing on Christmas Eve before going to bed and waiting for Santa to come!


Me-Shell said...

I'm so glad you guys had a great Christmas in spite of all the sickness! Happy New Year!

Tank said...

I love all the pictures. I am so glad that McKenzie is feeling all better. I cannot believe how quickly she is changing. I can't wait to see pictures of her crawling and walking! Wow. Nine months on Friday! I love and miss y'all. Give Kenzie all my love from Kenya!