Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy 2009 Everyone! We hope that you are having a great 2009 so far! A new year...a new change! We are changing our office into a playroom for McKenzie Grace. Our office is moving to the front living room. We went today and bought a new desk for it. It is a much nicer desk than the one that we have now. Since it will be right by the front door and everyone who enters will see it, we wanted it to look nice. So, our house is a complete mess with furniture everywhere! We are so excited to have a place to keep McKenzie's toys now instead of all over the family room! We are not quite sure yet how we are going to paint the new office and the playroom so right now we are just trying to get everything in the correct room and worry about painting and decorating down the road.

As the New Year Rang in so did a new accomplishment for McKenzie. She can now push her little piano across the floor and walk behind it! We cannot believe how fast she is changing. Just a few weeks ago she was crawling and now she is walking behind things. Tonight during our dinner she ate an entire roll all by herself! That was after I had already fed her her dinner! She is going to be a bread lover like her mother!

McKenzie got her first big bruise. She crawled right into our kitchen table leg head first. Her forehead immediately turned black and blue and became a large lump right between her eyes and it is still there. This was on the 31st of December. She is learning that she has to be careful of her head when crawling and that is sticks out a bit.

We will post pictures of our house changes when we are finished! Again, Happy New Year!

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