Sunday, January 25, 2009

McKenzie's Playroom

Hey Everyone! We have been really busy here and I am sorry it has been so long since I last blogged. We have been working very hard on creating a playroom for McKenzie and all her stuff! So... as of yesterday, McKenzie's playroom is just about finished! This weekend Jason's parents came and his dad put up all the bead-board for the playroom. We had already painted it light blue and put the two book shelves together and the window seat toy box. His dad helped paint the bead-board also. Then we moved in the furniture and organized the toys! We have not yet found curtains that we like so we still do not have them. Also there is nothing on the walls yet because we are still trying to decide what we want to put up. However, this is what we have done thus far. We hope everyone has had a great weekend and will have an awesome week! Enjoy the pictures that follow! :)

McKenzie's Playroom!! We do not have the curtains yet!

The "new" brown couch!

We have not hung any pictures yet. This is still just a work in progress!

Another wall!


McKenzie wanted to help paint!

Such a big girl!

We went to The Varsity after IKEA!

The Varsity

Waiting for our food...

Riding to IKEA to look for storage units for the playroom!

Cousin Tate came to help decide what the playroom should look like!

Lauren and Bethany came too...all the way from SC!

We love to look at each other!


Amber said...

It looks fabulous!!!! Great Job Norton crew! I love, love, love the picture of us holding them where they are looking at each other - how sweet are they. And Miss MG with her varsity hat, could she be any prettier?

Me-Shell said...

That couch looks super comfy!! And, I'm jealous that McKenzie got to go to the Varsity before me!! Great job on the playroom! It looks wonderful!

Sara Susy Bob said...

Megan so very cute. We of course linked over from Amber's the newest pictures, the playroom (how about posters of McKenzie and the fam on the walls?), love the pic of Tate and McKenzie too! We just redid the kids' playroom (storage under the stairs actually-ha) all from IKEA! Love that store! I'd love to walk you through studio! Give me a ring and we can do it when it's convenient. Amber mentioned it was hard with everyone else around!