Tuesday, January 13, 2009

9 Month Check Up

Hey everyone! Yesterday we had McKenzie's 9 month check up. She weighs exactly 20 pounds (75%), is 29.5 inches long (95%), and her head is 44 cm around (75%)! She is growing like a weed! She now can eat 3 meals a day! She is over the taste of any kind of rice cereal and baby food and wants the real deal. So, now she can eat real food! On Sunday she learned how to high five and did it with her doctor yesterday! The doctor could not believe it and thought it was the cutest thing ever! She put on a show for the doctor and clapped and laughed at herself. Everything was great until the nurse came in to give her the shots. She had to get her Hep B shot and have her iron checked. The Hep B shot was first and the nurse shot it right into her little leg and hit a muscle. As soon as she pulled out the needle blood went everywhere. While I was holding pressure on her leg she pricked her toe for the iron check. Her iron was great! Normal is 10 and hers was 11.8 so the nurse was very pleased! McKenzie is a tough cookie and only cried for a minute. We came home and made chicken and rice casserole for dinner and McKenzie loved it! Enjoy the pictures! Have a great day! :)

I can feed myself!


Is there really some on the bottom of the bowl? Yes, there is!

All by myself...I can do it!

Where is McKenzie?

She had chicken and rice casserole everywhere!

She was so proud of herself!

McKenzie was so tired on Sunday after church that when I laid her in her crib for a nap she fell asleep on the bumper pad. She couldn't even wait until her little head hit the mattress!

Another pic of the bumper pad pillow!

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