Saturday, November 29, 2008

Santa and 6 Month Pictures

Hey Everyone! We hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We were in the mountains with Jason's family and had a nice time. It was the first holiday with Jeffrey in Africa so that was a bit hard. However, we got to Skype with him twice that day and see him on the computer so it was really like he was there! Technology is so amazing! Auntie Amber and Uncle Brian just got a new computer and it has Skype on it. So now McKenzie and Tate can see each other and make there little noises to each other over the computer. It is very exciting!
Today I went into McKenzie's room to check on her during her nap. She had been sleeping for about 2 hours. She hadn't made a peep over the monitor but I went to check on her anyways. When I opened the door she was sitting up in her crib playing with her pacifiers. I have no idea how long she had been awake. But, she was being so quiet! So as of today she can sit up all by herself and is not afraid to do it. Tonight after her bath she rolled all over the changing table until she could maneuver her way to sitting position! It is so amazing how fast she is changing and how in one day's time she can do something new. She is still not crawling yet and still getting mad when she gets up on all fours and falls over.
We have our house all decorated for Christmas now, inside and out. McKenzie has her own little tree in her room; it's pink! She loves to look at all the decorations and touch the trees. She loves to stare at the lights on the trees. We are very excited about Christmas with her this year.
We do not have a very busy week ahead. McKenzie and I are going to tackle some more Christmas shopping and wrapping. However, our weekend will be very busy! Friday night was are having Christmas with our cousins in Alabama. Saturday morning we are going to a Christmas shindig with crafts and Santa and then Saturday night will be going to a Stone Mountain Christmas with Brooke, Brad, and Brock! Then Sunday is church! I am sure we will have lots to share after this week and weekend! Keep checking our site for updates.
We hope you enjoy the pictures below! Jason and I were very excited about them! We were also very excited about making the photographer's website! Her name is Emily Boyce. Check it out!
Our Family

Walking together

McKenzie and the pumpkin

Sittin' pretty with a gold bracelet on!

My crazy Mommy is trying to make me smile again!

Talking with my hands

Baby Gap commercial photo...not really but several people have told us that!

Playing with my shoes

Nana and Papa T

Papa T. and Kenzie on his tractor! What a big day!

Look and that bow Nana put in my hair! I love her!

Santa and McKenzie

Kisses from Santa

I like this guy and I really like to pull his beard!

I am not so sure about this anymore.


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Tank said...

What a great post! I hope that y'all have fun with the Alabama crew this Friday. I really wish I could be there! The pictures are gorgeous. I love all of them. That Santa looks so real! I love the picture of Kenzie crying and Santa's facial expression. I just got back from my first church service in Nairobi. I loved it! I am already getting involved in the youth, go figure! I am teaching a small group Bible study beginning in January. So excited! Can't wait to talk again soon. I really miss y'all tons and can't wait to Skype again. I need to see my girl soon! So this is really long, oh well. Love and misses!