Monday, November 3, 2008


We hope that you enjoy the following pictures! McKenzie is growing so quickly and changing every day. We can't get over what a miracle and blessing little children truly are.
This was McKenzie's first ride in a shopping cart with her car seat!
What a big girl she is!
McKenzie fell sound asleep swinging in her swing. Her little head just laid on the bar. Don't worry I put her to bed right after the picture!

3rd Generation Nana!

Sitting up and playing with her shoelaces

McKenzie has gotten really good and sitting up all by herself in the last few weeks!

Stroller ride!

Daddy and Kenzie with their hats on

Cookie and Kenzie playing with measuring cups while Mommy made cookies!

McKenzie driving in her car at Nana and Papa T's house! She is sporting
her hat that cousin Alex made her!

Cookie came to visit! McKenzie got her fro!

Mommy's pumpkin

Our white N pumpkin like at our wedding reception!

McKenzie's big pumpkin

My crazy Mommy put me inside this pumpkin!

Cleaning out the pumpkin with Daddy!

Pumpkin carving!
McKenzie fell asleep 20 minutes before the photographer came to take her 6 month pictures!

Reading the newspaper with Papa T

The "Loves" :)

Jason and Sarah!

McKenzie at Trunk-A-Treat

Way too much Halloween! Bedtime!

Our little chicken!

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The Slocumb Family said...

Love all the pics!!!

I hope that the 6 month pictures turn out great!

The white "N" pumpkin is a great idea....when is your anniversary?