Sunday, November 9, 2008

7 Months and a busy Weekend

Hey! We hope that everyone had a great week and weekend! We sure did. It is hard to believe that it is the second weekend in November already. Today McKenzie is 7 months old. We can't believe it! Time has just flown by. She is not crawling just yet but is trying to get her feet under her when she is on the tummy. She does not have any teeth yet either. However, she rolls all over the floor. She can roll from one end of the room to the the other and under the coffee table. She bangs on the coffee table like a drum when she gets under it!

Yesterday my mom (Debbie) had a Christmas Open House at her house and Tate and McKenzie dressed the part of Mr. and Mrs. Claus! They stole the show! They were so cute if I say so myself. So, we got to spend the weekend with Auntie Amber and Cousin Tate as we helped Nana get ready for her open house. Tate is so big. He is crawling all over the place. His two little bottom teeth are growing right in! He is so sweet to McKenzie. He always kisses her with his mouth wide open. It is so precious. He pats her back and hugs her too. McKenzie loves him so much but she is a bit rough at time to him and pulled his hair over the weekend until he cried. We had to separate them from sleeping in the same room. They kept waking each other up. Friday night they were both wide awake a 12:30 am! It was a zoo! But, Nana thought it was great! They love to play together and it is so much fun to watch them interact with each other. We are so blessed to have two health babies in our family who are so cute together. God is so good all of the time! We hope you have a great week!

Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Mr. and Mrs. Claus take 2

Mrs. Claus, I want your hat!

You shoes taste so good, Mrs. Claus!

Mrs. Claus where is your shoe? Mr. Claus where are you going?

Santa making his get-a-way!

Santa crawling away! Enough pictures!

Mrs. Claus is mad that she can't yet crawl away from the camera!

Mrs. Claus trying to get the ornaments off the tree!

Mrs. Claus looking for Santa

Tate and McKenzie in the box "car" together

Tate in the car with Papa T. driving him around!

McKenzie chillin'

McKenzie rolled under our coffee table and was banging on it like it was a drum!

Playing on the drum!

McKenzie playing with her toys!

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The Slocumb Family said...

Precious!!!!! They are so cute! Glad that you had a great weekend and Happy 7 month Birthday to McKenzie!