Monday, November 3, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hey everyone! We hope that you all had a great weekend! We were on the move again. The couples shower that we helped host in Athens was a blast! We got to hang out with lots of old friend from Young Harris...that doesn't happen much. It is so fun to hang out with them. It is like "going home!" Saturday night we spent the night in Mad Town. Sunday we had Emily Boyce, a photographer in Madison come and take McKenzie's 6 month pictures and some family photos of us too! Well McKenzie fell asleep 20 minutes before Emily arrived at mom's house. So we had to wake her up. She did not cry but did not smile either in ANY of her pictures. If you know McKenzie she never stops smiling so it was a bit frustrating but what can you do. She did smile for the last 5 pictures of her with a pumpkin! They were so cute. So time will tell about the outcome of the pictures! However I do have Halloween pic for you! We hope you enjoy them!

Our little Chicken! McKenzie's first Halloween!

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