Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bye-Bye Inchworm, Hello Penguin

McKenzie is no longer an Inchworm in the church nursery! She has moved right up to the Penguin classroom. Now that she walks she is too grown up to be an inchworm! Today was her first day in her new room. She cried when I dropped her off but then she stopped soon after I left. When I went to pick her up today I was stopped by the preschool director and she handed me an accident report. McKenzie had fallen her first day in her new classroom and bumped the side of her head. She has a big bump. Poor thing...first day in her new room and she comes home with an accident report.

We are in for a very busy week! Tuesday, Jason and I have to take McKenzie to meet his parents. We are dropping her off for 8 days and nights. I know that Grandma and Papa cannot wait to get McKenzie for that long but Jason and I are having a little bit of a hard time. Eight days is a long time! However, we are very excited about our Mediterranean Cruise. We leave Wednesday! It should definitely be the trip of a lifetime. Jason's company really knows how to plan extravagant trips. We do things on these trips that we could never do otherwise. We are really looking forward to some great time together. It is also really fun to see everyone from years past and catch up with their lives.

We hope you have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend and a great, safe week!

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Tank said...

McKenzie, you are too young to be getting accident reports! Be careful with those penguins. Love you!