Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Before church this morning we took a picture for Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies! Mother's day just has an entire different meaning when you are actually a mother. I have always celebrated Mother's Day with my special Mommy but being a mom, it is just even more special! I have the world's best mom and I am trying everyday to be like her to McKenzie! I see all the things that she does for so many different people and I just sit back and wonder how she gets it all done? I'll tell you mom does not require sleep! God made her special and knew that she had lots to do so He created her so that sleep was an option. God had a different plan for me, I must get sleep and I must get it every night! So, thank you mom for being such a great mother, so that in turn I know how to be a great mother to my baby. You truly are the best!

Today in the nursery at church McKenzie made me a picture with her hand prints. Here it is! I scanned it in to share with everyone. I was so excited! It was her first real piece of artwork!!

Today during church we had baby dedication. There was a special bulletin for the dedication and there was a poem in it about children. It was so sweet I wanted to share.


God has blessed the union

Of a husband and a wife

With a beautiful little baby

Bringing joy into their lives

For children are blessings

Sent from God above

A precious gift heaven sent

An expression of God's love

On the foundation of this love

May this child truly grow

Discovering the truths of God

And to one day come to know

That Jesus Christ is Lord of all

And He has an awesome plan

A destiny only they can fulfil

As they take Him by the hand

And walk with Him every day

With God's vision for their lives

And godly passion to fulfil

The commission of Jesus Christ

By M.S. Lowndes

We went to Young Harris on Thursday and came back on Saturday. We went to visit Jason's family. On the way to his parent's house we went by Young Harris College! We love to go back there and walk on the campus. It is so different now. When school starts back in the fall, Young Harris College will a four year school. That is some different than when we went there. There were 600 students in the entire student body when we met at YHC! There are two new dorm and the little store and student center are totally different. However, the one this that stays the same is the feeling when you walk onto the YHC campus. It is just home to us. That is the only way to describe it. This was the first time that McKenzie had been to the college. It was fun to explain to her that it was were her mommy and daddy met. Not that she understood a word we were saying but we told her all about it! Here are some pictures from our visit!

YHC Sign

McKenzie and me in front of the Susan B. Harris Chapel!

Close up!

This is our brick! Jason gave it to me for Christmas 2006!
It is in front of the chapel! All of our classmates called us "The Loves"
because we called each other "Love"

McKenzie playing in the grass at YHC! She fits right!


Amber said...

How sweet - I love the poem with her handprints on it.

Tank said...

What a great update. Happy Belated Mother's Day! I especially love the picture from before you went to church. Be sure to give Kenzie all my love.