Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bye-Bye Ba-Ba

Well, it has happened! McKenzie is no longer using a bottle! We have gone two whole days with no bottle so far and now the bottles are in the basement. There is no looking back now! It is amazing how much room on the counter bottles take up. She has done just fine without a bottle or formula. She gets a sippy cup of milk before bed and if she wakes up in the night she gets water. She has done fine with this the last two nights! This has really helped with her eating as well. McKenzie has really started to be a much better eater. I guess her body is finally realizing that she eats during the day and sleeps at night.

We had a very busy week. Jason was in Hilton Head, SC from Tuesday-Friday with his work. He had his Presidents Council meetings. He was one of twelve advisors from the company to go. It was based on production for the year and he was number eight! While he was in HH I took the kids (McKenzie and Baxter!) to Madison. My mom was on spring break last week so it just worked out so well! We crammed so much stuff into 3 short days! One of the things we did was get McKenzie's one year pictures taken. For her last few shots we gave her a cupcake and let her eat it! Those pictures looked so cute! I can't wait to get them back! Granny and Granddaddy came to Madison on Thursday night and had dinner with us. Then they got to come and watch as McKenzie got her pictures taken! We also got to play with Uncle Steve. He helped give McKenzie her bath and rocked her for a while after playing with her. It was great to see him!

Today, Jason went to church alone. McKenzie had a fever through the night and still had it this morning. She got that MMR shot last Friday and her doctor told me she would probably get a fever from it within 7-10 days. So, she did. However, she is acting just fine. McKenzie knows that she will have to go to time-out if she touches Baxter's food dish. (Yes, she now goes to Time-Out! She has to sit on her flower on the dinning room rug.) So this morning she was playing in his dish and I put her in time-out. Some times she sits there real good and other times she just crawls away. Well this morning she sat there and I went back into the kitchen and just waited a second and then turned the corner to see check her and I heard her crawling just as fast as she could back to her flower! It was so funny! She heard me coming so she knew she had better get back to time-out! I laughed right out loud! Then she smiled and we went out to swing! She loves her swing...she spends so much time in it! She loves to be outside!

We hope that you all have a great week!

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