Monday, April 27, 2009

The Weekend

Another weekend has flown on by. Friday night I had a girls night out with Katie! It was a blast. McKenzie and Daddy had a date night at home. They were both fast asleep when I got home. Saturday we hung out around the house and played here. Jason hung up McKenzie's swing and she now has a new favorite thing to do...swing! She wants to swing all the time! The weather has been so beautiful her that she has had lots of time to swing. Sunday we went to church. McKenzie wore her new dress to church yesterday that she got for her birthday from Granny and Granddaddy. She looked so cute! However, she will not wear her white sandals. It is so weird. I tried to put them on her Saturday with her cute little capri outfit and she screamed bloody murder. I let her wear her crocs instead! Sunday morning same thing...she would not wear those white sandals. She wanted socks and her black church shoes! She is so funny and definitely has a mind of her own!

McKenzie ready to go to church!

McKenzie will not leave bows in her hair any longer. So sad...

Playing with the wind chimes

Swinging in the backyard!

McKenzie is letting her doll ride this time!

McKenzie and her stroller...she loves to push her stroller but throws her dolly out!

Eating a fresh cookie with Daddy when he got home from work!

Sunday Night Play Date
Last night we went to our friends, Brooke and Brad's house for a cookout. They are the couple from our life group that we hang out with most often and they have Brock, McKenzie's little "boy" friend! They were so cute playing in the backyard yesterday. Brock has a big play set and McKenzie loved it! Brock also has a big red wagon with deep seats. McKenzie loved riding in that too! When we stopped puling her she bounced and wanted to keep moving! However, she really liked Brock's slide! She watched him go down it a few times and then she was ready to try. Brock had gone down sitting up right...well McKenzie decided that she was going to go down head first! Yes, Jason was at the bottom to catch her! She loved it! We had a great time and Brock was so sweet to share all his toys with her.

Sweet Brock holding McKenzie's hand. He wanted
her to come and play and she wanted to keep riding!

This is how we roll!

A bubble lawn mower! McKenzie was
very excited!

McKenzie was feeling the grass on her legs for the
very first time. She did not know what to think!

Brock found a stick!

Brock's play set has a very cool window in it. McKenzie was
reaching through the window and Brock went in for the kiss!
So sweet!

The cute little window with the cute little kiddos!

They were looking out the window!

Brock was busy cutting the grass!

Kenzie and the slide...head first!

McKenzie's slide video! She loved it!

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Tank said...

That is hilarious about her shoes. I wonder why? Also, the slide! Maybe one day the internet will be good enough to load it here. That is hilarious that she throws the doll out of the stroller. Kenzie is looking beautiful as usual. I hope y'all are having a great weekend! Raha and I send our love from Nairobi.