Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our Little Cupcake is Turning 1!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share with you about McKenzie's special day today! First of all, we cannot believe that she is already about to turn 1 on the 9th. This year has just flown by. She has just grown and grown and grown from a little 7 lbs. 13 oz. to a healthy 21.6! She had an amazing 1st birthday party today. She was surrounded by all her family and some wonderful friends as well that we consider "family!" In the middle of her celebration we got a very exciting phone call from Africa! Uncle Jeffrey never misses a beat! He was right on time and got to speak to everyone here. It was wonderful to hear from him!

McKenzie's birthday was a cupcake theme and everyone went all out with it! It was so much fun! Grandma Norton had a cupcake painted on her nail when she had her nails done and Katie had a cupcake painted on her check from a kids program this morning! McKenzie had lots of presents wrapped in cupcake paper and cupcake gift bags as well. It was really fun to have a theme!

I made McKenzie a giant cupcake and let her have at it. At first she just looked at me as if to say, can I really have this? She just poked it at first and then she just dug her little hands right inside the middle of the cupcake! It was everywhere! Then she ran her fingers through her hair! Some of the cupcake ended up on the floor. It was so funny to watch. She did such a great job of devouring her special cake!

Enjoy the pictures to follow and have a great rest of the weekend!

Katie and her present to McKenzie...the "M" place set!

This was not today but I thought it was too cute not to post!

This one too!

Birthday decor!

Presents Galore!

McKenzie eating her 1st birthday lunch

Ms. Ellen and her sweet daughter Hattie

McKenzie and more lunch!

McKenzie playing catch with Jason and John Russell

Erin, Jason, and Lobello...what great family friends!

Cousin Tate is loving lunch!

McKenzie and her balloon string!

The dessert counter

More desserts!

Even more!

McKenzie's giant cupcake!

McKenzie and her waiting for her cupcake and wondering what is that song that everyone is singing to me!

Ohhhh it was so good!


Some even ended up on the floor!

Eating the icing off of her fingers!

Singing about how good this cupcake is and how fun it is to play in!

Gettin' nap today! Look at what a good job she did with her cupcake!

McKenzie's new sun hat from the Slocumbs!

Opening presents

Cousin Tate is helping too!

Family pic of the day!

Fighting over the present from Hattie! It was a huge hit!

Opening up Uncle Jeffrey's present...he sent this from Africa!

It's a chair from Uncle Jeffrey! It is just McKenzie's size and she LOVES it!!

These are the cupcake decorations that I painted for the party!
All the painted cupcakes

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