Friday, April 24, 2009

1 Year Check Up

Well... the stats are in!!! Today at McKenzie's 1 year check up she weighed exactly 22 pounds (50-75%), 31 inches long (95%), and her head circumference is 47 cm (90%)! By all accounts she is a healthy, growing little girl! Thank the Lord! Our appointment was at 11:45 this morning. McKenzie was not very happy to see her Dr. today. She was very tired from missing her morning nap and hungry because it was lunch time. What a bad combination! After McKenzie's Dr. left the room, I got her all dressed except for her pants. She had to get three shots in her little legs today. When the nurse came in carrying the tray of needles McKenzie just started to scream. She knew what was about to happen. She did a very good job!

New Things That McKenzie Can Do:
  • No more bottles before bed after our formula is gone! McKenzie will start to get a sippy cup of milk before bed instead of a bottle!
  • No more baby food! McKenzie has gotten to a point now where she will not eat any baby food and is very selective about what real foods she wants. Her Dr. told me today not to worry about it. She will eat when she is hungry and stop when she is full. I just need to offer her all the food groups at every meal.
  • McKenzie will remain sitting backwards in the car. He Dr. said that this is the safest way for her to travel. She will remain backwards until she reaches 28 pounds. That is what her car seat says is the safe weight to be turned around. Every car seat is different!
  • McKenzie can now wear sunscreen and bug spray!
  • No more bottle in the middle of the night! She will just get some water and go back to bed.
  • The Dr. was very excited that McKenzie is walking! She was also excited to see her point to objects already.

It is so amazing what all happened in one year. McKenzie was born and drank only bottles, then onto rice cereal, then baby food, now real food! First it was rolling over, then sitting up, then crawling, and now walking! It is just so fun to watch her grow!

We hope you all have a great weekend!

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Tank said...

Wow. Good to hear! I am glad that all went well with the Doctor. Last night I had 12 people at my house for a party. MC4L! Everyone was blown away by Kenzie's pictures. One guy said "she should be on the internet" Hahaha. I was like "I know". They also love her blue eyes. I love y'all!