Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday McKenzie Grace

Today McKenzie turned 1! We cannot believe how fast the year has flown by. Today we went to the Zoo to celebrate her 1st birthday! It was so much fun! She loved every minute of it. She was not afraid of any of the animals. In fact she waved to all of them! She just waved her little arm off. She only slept for about 2o minutes of the entire trip, not wanting to miss a thing! She had a wonderful 1st birthday. McKenzie got tons of phone calls today to wish her a happy birthday! We are looking forward to years and years of birthdays with McKenzie!

A quick picture with the Birthday Girl!

Waiting in line to get into the Zoo

Strolling along

Just for you Jeff!!

Daddy and McKenzie looking at the rhino.

McKenzie and Daddy

McKenzie and Mommy

The Gorillas

Loving all the animals

Too much Zoo!

McKenzie and her new Panda!

The Last 12 Months

April 9, 2008-One year ago today!

1 Month- McKenzie is wearing my dress from when I was baby!

McKenzie has always been a smiling little baby!

2 Months-McKenzie and Tate at the beach, McKenzie sleeping with

Uncle Jeffrey, and the last picture is the face that

McKenzie would make when she was waking up!

3 Months-McKenzie loved the Bumbo seat!

4 Months-I love ewe outfit- used for grandparent's day

pictures and rice cereal for the first time!

5 Months-McKenzie got to eat baby food for the first time!
Sweet peas were her very first food.

6 Months- McKenzie was a chicken for her first Halloween!

Then McKenzie dressed as Mrs. Claus for Nana's

Christmas open house. Tate was Santa!

7 Months-McKenzie loved to get into the Christmas presents under the tree. McKenzie can now sit up! This is McKenzie and her great-great grandmother. (Jason's great-grandmother) Amazing!

8 Months-McKenzie could hold her own bottle!

9 Months-McKenzie loves her rocking horse!

10 Months Old-Playing at Cousin Tate's 1st Birthday Party!

11 Months Old-McKenzie loves books!

April 9, 2009- 1 Year Old Today!


Laura said...

Happy 1st Birthday McKenzie!! You are such a cutie!

Tank said...

I love this post! It was so nice to see a picture from each month. Thanks!