Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today I was completely huge and expecting the arrival our first child. We still had no idea if it was a boy or girl and we could not wait to meet this little baby! Would we have a Jackson or a McKenzie? Also a year ago today as I am huge pregnant with swollen feet at school I get a call from the office that I need to call Jason on his cell phone right away. I knew it must be urgent because teachers are not really "allowed" to step out of their rooms to use the phone. So, I called him right away and with all the fear of God in my voice I said, "What is wrong?" He replied with a "Nothing...I just sold my truck today and I need you to come to work and pick me up and we are going to buy a new truck tonight." I thought I was going to go through the phone and then I thought it was an April Fool's Day joke. First of all, I had no idea his truck was up for sale. We had talked about how he wanted a 4 door truck for when the baby came so he/she could ride in his car if needed but that was the last I heard of it. Jason had put his truck up for sale on the Internet and someone wanted to buy it. They drove to his office and paid cash for the truck and drove it home that day! I was not excited about this at all. I had a baby due in 3 days...April 4th and my response was, what if I had called you and told you to meet me at the hospital it was time? He said he would have gotten there somehow! All in all it turned out very well. Jason has a very nice truck that did come in handy having 4 doors so McKenzie can ride. I also got Arby's and Krispy Kreme out of that deal! Any day could end well with a dozen of Krispy Kreme donuts!

It is just so amazing to me what a difference one year makes. Now our little baby girl is about to be one in just 8 days. (April 9th) It is just so funny to think that one year ago today we still had no idea what this baby was and now she is almost one. She is so close to walking it is not even funny. She just needs the confidence and she could do it. She will take about 2 or 3 steps and then realize what she is doing and sit down. She is talking all the time now and sings as well. She has the best little personality and is truly just a blessing to us. She is in that in between stage of eating. Some "real" food she likes and other times she just wants her rice cereal. She is drinking whole milk now with her meals but still has a formula bottle at night. (That will last until the formula is gone and that will be whole milk as well!) Whole milk is so much cheaper! McKenzie has really started to wave! She waves at everything and anything that she sees! I have started to only let her have her pacifiers when she sleeps. So when her naps are over I tell her to drop her pacifier into the crib and she does and then she waves to it! It is so so cute! Same thing in the mornings! She goes for her one year check up on the 14th of April. I will report all the stats then.

We are getting so very excited about McKenzie's first birthday party on Saturday! We are going to celebrate on her due date! Her party is a cupcake theme! It should be lots of fun!

We hope that you all have a wonderful week and weekend and I will update again soon! Happy April Fool's Day! :)

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