Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Mariachi Band

Tonight for our Supper Club dinner we met at a local Mexican Restaurant. After we finished eating the mariachi band began to play. McKenzie LOVED it! She did not want to leave. They came to our table because that saw what a great time we were having dancing to their music. They asked MG if she has any requests for them to play. In her teeny tiny two year old voice she said, Jesus Love Me! It was so sweet, I think that Jason and I both had tears in our eyes. The band however, did not know that song so instead they played her the Chicken Dance song. McKenzie loved the motions and we all laughed as they played to us. It was a really fun dinner!

Clapping to the Chicken Dance

Giving them a tip!

Katie, MG, and Me...notice how Katie and I are laughing and how serious MG is!

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Tank said...

That is such a great memory. I think next time MG should teach them that song!