Monday, August 15, 2011

A Present for Baby Sam

As we are getting down to the wire here as a family of 3, McKenzie can hardly stand it! She wanted to buy baby Sam a present to bring to the hospital for the first time meeting her sibling. McKenzie had the book Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See and she loved this book. However, it was loved on and ripped and so she decided that baby Sam needed a new Brown Bear Brown Bear book. So, last week we went and bought it. A few nights ago we wrapped it up in wrapping paper and then she put it in a gift bag. Today, she wanted to wrap it some more. So she got out the tissue paper and tape and went to town for about an hour and a half wrapping this present. It was so sweet to watch. She used every color of tissue paper I, green, yellow, pink, light blue, and teal! Then when she was done wrapping she placed it back into the bag and colored a card. She worked on her card for another hour. She put stickers all over all different colors of construction paper and then colored with her markers all different colors. Precious! She is just so excited!

We are getting excited too! There are now two car seats in my car! We are ready to go. 13 more days until due date! I am getting very excited to know if Sam is a boy or girl! (We still have not finalized the girl name so at this point so I am hoping for a boy!) On one hand I thought that the end of this pregnancy would never come and on the other hand I feel like it has gone by so quickly. It is hard to wrap my brain around only 13 (maybe less or maybe a few more) days left with just McKenzie. That part makes me sad and super excited. Her little world is just about to change but she is so excited. I just hope she stays that way when we bring little Sam home! The pink layer...

The blue layer...

Now yellow!

Card sweet!

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Tank said...

She's gonna be a great big sister! 13 days, wow, that means only 12 til I get home! can't wait to see you.