Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Sidda kind of Saturday...

Today was a Sidda kind of Saturday for us! For those of you who don't know, Sidda was Jason's cousin who passed away 2 years ago. She was a birthday party junkie! She loved them! It seemed like every single Saturday Sidda had a birthday party to take her son to. It became a joke with us that we could never hang out on Saturdays because there was always a birthday party to attend. Well, today we had 3 birthday parties to attend! It was defiantly a day Sidda would have loved! We started off this morning at 9:30 with Hattie and Meredith's birthday parties. Hattie is turning 5 and Meredith is turning 2. They are sisters and 2 days a part. Their party was at an indoor playground. McKenzie loved it and I loved it too, it was air conditioned! (I am rather HOT these days!) After playing it was cupcake decorating time. Every child got an apron with their name embroidered on it. Super cute! So that made cupcake decorating even more fun! Excellent idea Ellen!

Then this afternoon we had Carson's 4th birthday party which was a surfer party! They had all things water...a seal sprinkler, a slip and slide, a pool, and a giant water slide! It was very fun and the perfect hot day to have it.

Hattie and Meredith's Party


MG headed up to the top!

Getting ready to decorate a cupcake!

The birthday girls! Meredith and Hattie

Lovin' that sucker


The last one at the food table!

McKenzie's precious apron

Carson's Party

Slip and Slide

The seal sprinkler

The giant slide

The water slide


Getting out of the giant slide

Carson's delicious surfer cookie cake

Singing...Happy Birthday!

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Tank said...

I almost wrote on your fb status that Sidda would be proud! She loved the birthday parties. Glad y'all had fun, and I'll be home in Georgia this time next week!